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Hi everyone! Its march break!!! Squeeeee! What are you all up to this week? Apparently its st Patricks day. I guess i should acknowledge my irish blood and drink some green beer while doing the river dance on top o the blarney stone lol. But no no, none of that will be going on.

Much to say. School is going well.. mostly. Lol. Needless to say its zapped my social life away. But it'll all be worth it in the end when im a certified registered holistic and sports nutritionist. *beams* yes.. this means my music will have to take a backseat for now.. *tear* but i gotta do what i gotta. I'm passionate about holistic health.. and if what "they" say is going to happen in 2012 does, then I'm going to be needed more than ever.

What else is new? My not so little one will be gasp! 13 this year!!! Wow. Should I be scared? I am already dealing with the teen angst. Luckily no interest in boys yet. Phew!

Got a pic of my full aura at the health show I worked last weekend. click to see bigger

funny story, this picture.. i'll break it down for you all condensed like..

i have a large, wide aura which means i have a strong and powerful radiance that other people can feel. the white light to my left is a spirit that follows me around and watches over me.

The Orange in my aura is creative energy, self confidence and strength, warm, sympathetic, inner clarity. also associated with the 2nd chakra or the sexual chakra (we'll get to that later)

The Lavender is great spiritual healing power, visionary, deep understanding of spirituality with powerful intution. receives impressions and visions without trying, idealistic, futuristic, psychic ability.

There's a little yellow in there as well, which means positive mental energy, takes pleasure in the simple things. make others feel comfortable when they're with me, easily gaining their trust and appreciation.

LOL later I was walking along somewhere else in the show.. and this lady was doing face readings.. I was showing my sister in law my aura photo.. and she, me. and the lady asked to look at mine she sees all the orange and says OH. who cares about whats going on here, all you care about is what's goin on DOWN THERE! (and she motions to my groin area) remember the orange represents the sexual chakra lol HOW EMBARASSING. my mom, kid and sis in law are standing there.. the lady goes on.. "yes! i mean.. it's all about here (motions again to my groin) look at these juicy lips she traces them with her finger she continues talking. wants to see my sis in law's aura photo. "Ahh you bend over backwards for others, forgetting yourself. look at this grabs her arm even your bones twist backward (her arm bends backward. its weird) and she shows her in her back the bend in her back represents the same thing. She turns to me to show my sister in law the difference that my back isnt like that, and that I do not bend backwards for others, forgetting myself.. and she then starts brushing her hands along my butt cheeks saying" nope, it's alll about this"

can we say .. awkward?
new blog entry check it: CLICK
i post my blogs to my music blog now, so if you havent already gone there, go!


Merry Merry

Merry Christmas LJ Fam!!!

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